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Who Makes Audiodo Personal Sound?

Audiodo Personal Sound was created in Malmö, Sweden by a team of engineers with a passion for music and the technology that delivers it.

Music has been a central theme in the life of one of our founders, John Philipson, ever since he was a young teenager. A true audiophile, he as been addicted to music ever since he borrowed Speak & Spell by Depeche Mode from his DJ friend.

From his first position at Ericsson Mobile Phones as Audio Processing Engineer, to his role at Audiodo today, John has always developed products with music in mind. Although he is the only one with a Fourier Transform tattoo on his arm, he is not the only one with a passion for sound. His vision along with that of the entire Audiodo team has resulted in our patent pending Intelligent Gain Control technology that keeps the dynamics in the sound of your favorite music.

Another of our founders, Jan Weber, has deteriorating hearing which limits his ability to fully enjoy music. His pursuit was to adjust sound to each individuals needs. He found that the technologies available on the market were not enough to match the complexity of hearing and began to undertake extensive research in the area.

Simultaneously, John and founder Roger Martinsson were improving sound using algorithms. A large part of the technical challenges they solved in the past as engineers are now cornerstones of Audiodo technology. The three eventually joined forces in 2016 starting Hearezanz, developed the core technology, and created a proof of concept. Together with professionals from diverse fields, the product was made ready for market. Several different technical ideas were tested, both on end users as well as on different business verticals.

In 2017, the product was tested with a broad number of people around the world and revealed that test candidates of all ages and with different hearing characteristics experienced a richer and deeper sound. The first external seed money was brought in from angel investors and gave Audiodo capital and also a network to initiate a commercial rollout.

During 2018, Audiodo started to sell its product as a license to headphone manufacturers and the interest has been overwhelming. In October 2019, the first licensed products with Audiodo Personal Sound reached consumers in audio lifestyle brand Skullcandy’s Crusher ANC headphones. We are currently working with new clients and look forward to future partnerships and collaborations.