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Music First

Music first has been a theme in the life of one of our founders, John Philipson. Ever since John, as a young teenager, borrowed Speak & Spell by Depeche Mode from his DJ friend, he has been addicted to music. Today he is not only a music fanatic but a collector of vinyl and CDs. This passion has driven his career towards becoming a developer of products for Digital Audio.

Throughout his working life, from his first position as Audio Processing Engineer at Ericsson Mobile Phones to his role at Audiodo today, John has always developed products with music in mind. So, in his drive to create world-leading technology for Personal Sound, John’s number one mission has been to allow each person to hear the music as intended by the producer.

Together with the rest of the Audiodo team, this vision resulted in our patent pending “Intelligent Gain Control” technology that keeps the dynamics in the music. One of the cornerstones in the Personal Sound technology from Audiodo.