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Our Story

The foundation of Audiodo is music. It is sprung from two parallel paths that were merged together to form the company.

The research phase

Our founder Jan Weber has over many years worked with the perception of sound and the impact it has when you listen to music. Jan’s drive comes from his own personal experience as a music lover with a slowly deteriorating hearing condition, limiting his ability to listen to music. He wanted to find ways to adapt music to each individual to bridge the differences. He found that the technologies available on the market were not enough to match the complexity of hearing and began to study research within the area.

In parallel to this, John Philipson and Roger Martinsson were trying to improve sound and music using algorithms. They both had a genuine interest in music and deep technical knowledge on how to change sound in general and music in particular using software. A large part of the technical challenges they solved back in the day, without knowing what they would eventually be used for, are now cornerstones of the Audiodo technologies.

The three joined forces in 2016 starting Hearezanz, which would later change names to Audiodo, when they realized there was a match between the challenge to be solved and the technology to solve it.

The Start-up Phase

During 2016, the core technology was developed, and a proof of concept was made. Together with professionals from the area of start-ups and entrepreneurship, the product was made ready for market. Several different technical ideas were tested, both on end users as well as on different business verticals.

In 2017, the product was tested with a broad number of people around the world. It was found that the vast majority of test candidates in all ages and with different hearing characteristics experienced a richer and broader sound. This led to the decision to focus on personal sound for everyone. The first external seed money was brought in from angel investors, which gave Audiodo not only capital but also the network to make a commercial rollout. The initial discussions with companies within the audio industry gave the signal that the strategic plan they had set out was right.

Going to market

During 2018, Audiodo started to sell its product as a license to headphone manufacturers and the interest has been overwhelming. The decision was made to become a leading ingredient brand within the audio industry.

Starting to grow

During 2019, the first licensed products with Audiodo are expected to reach you as an end user. We will continue to grow the company with more brilliant employees, more customers, more end users and we hope you will want to join us!