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What is Audiodo Personal Sound?

Audiodo Personal Sound is a technology that gives your headphones the capability of producing a custom-made audio experience designed according to your individual hearing specifications. The end result is a tailored sound experience with a depth, clarity, and richness you have never heard before.

“There is a remarkable sound difference when you turn off the personal sound. On, everything sounded punchy and bright. Off, it felt muffled.”


You Are Unique and So Is Your Hearing

Hearing is a complicated mechanism affected by both our ears and our brain. While the process of hearing is the same for everyone, each of us has a unique auditory perception dependent on the physical aspects of our ears and the manner in which our brain interprets sound. Simply put, we all experience sound characteristics differently.

Here to Enhance Your Listening Experiences

Never before have manufacturers created consumer audio products with the consideration that hearing is personal. At Audiodo, we recognized this void and designed a method to give each unique listener exactly what they need to have the best possible audio experience. Whether you are watching a movie, listening to music, or playing your favorite video game, Audiodo technology allows you to enjoy sound personally tailored for you.

“When our personal profile was enabled — the differences were stark, with a rounder sound, higher notes, and music that was less muddy.”

– Gearbrain