Audiodo Technology

The technology that drives Audiodo Personal Sound™ is a non-replicable set of sophisticated algorithms and an intricate mosaic of code. But on the surface, you’ll find an easy-to-use tool that quickly and effortlessly transforms the listening experience of each and every user.


The Audiodo™ firmware libraries are integrated into the DSP of the headphones during the manufacturing process. The patented technology is made up of refined coding and polished algorithms that customize audio to perfectly suit your unique hearing characteristics.

Hearing Calibration

Without an accurate and complete understanding of your hearing, there can be no Personal Sound. That’s why we’ve put so much effort into perfecting the Audiodo hearing calibration. Each aspect has been carefully designed to be both convenient and foolproof and to also provide the most conclusive data about your sense of hearing.

Hearing Calibration


YES/NO tone

Audiometry that is conducted with a tone increasing in volume depends on reaction speed and creates room for inaccuracy. Our YES/NO tone audiometry avoids this potential problem and ensures the most precise data.

Tones generated
in headset

Tones generated in the mobile device can become distorted when sent to the headset and may result in the user mistaking distortion as a tone. With Audiodo, the calibration tones are generated directly in the headphones to avoid any kind of distortion.


Tones being generated in the headphones also means that Audiodo can accurately control the sound pressure level (SPL) that each tone is played at, independent of what volume the user’s mobile device is set to. This further ensures utmost accuracy.

Left and right ear
treated separately

All people have unique hearing abilities in their left and right ear. That means that applying the same changes to both ears would not produce the best results. With Audiodo Personal Sound, each ear is assessed separately and each ear receives its own compensation.

Takes under 3 min
to complete

In under 3 minutes, Audiodo maps out a precise and thorough understanding of your hearing, calculates what changes need to be made, and delivers the most optimal sound for you. We do the work, you hear the wonder.

About Audiodo

We’re a group of innovators disrupting the standards of the audio electronics industry.

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