How Does Audiodo Personal Sound Work?

The Audiodo technology is a four-part process administered between your smartphone/tablet and your headphones to meticulously adjust sound to your personal hearing sensibility. It includes a headphone calibration, tone audiometry, personalization calculation, and processing algorithm. 

“Audiodo’s world-leading solution for creating personal sound takes the quality of headphones to a new level. With Audiodo Personal Sound, the listener gets a significantly better experience that is completely unique to the hearing ability of the listener.”

-Jason Hodell, Skullcandy CEO

Each part of the Audiodo system is backed by years of research and is built by groundbreaking techniques, demonstrating the superiority of Audiodo Personal Sound in the word of audio personalization. 

Headphone calibration

The process of giving you personal sound begins already in our Audiodo lab. It is here that your favorite headphones undergo scrupulous testing in order to measure and calibrate them. Once the headphones are prepared, they are then ready to assess your personal hearing perception using Audiodo’s state-of-the-art tone audiometry.

Tone audiometry

Audiodo’s tone audiometry is administered in order to carefully determine the characteristics of your hearing. It produces results so accurate that we can proudly say it is better than anything of its kind. The assessment is performed using an app on your smartphone or tablet and your Audiodo equipped headphones. A series of tones are played at varying intensities through your headset and all you have to do is answer if you can hear each one by clicking YES or NO on the app. Each ear is assessed separately and the entire procedure takes under 3 minutes to complete.

Personalization calculation

After the results of the tone audiometry are collected, they can then be processed to create your personal hearing profile. The profile is a series of calculations that define exactly how you hear and are the groundwork in giving you the best possible sound with the Audiodo processing algorithm. In these calculations,  Audiodo takes into consideration both how your ears hear and also how your brain listens. This results in the most accurate assessment of how to process sound to enhance it specially for you. 

Processing Algorithm

The processing algorithm takes the results of your personal sound profile calculations and applies them to the audio you are listening to, acting as a translator for your ears. The Audiodo processor transforms sound in a truly optimal and efficient way, exceeding the capabilities of current enhancement technologies like equalizers (EQ). While an EQ is a robust tool for sound tuning, its affects are limited without knowing your hearing characteristics. Sound may feel a bit better, but the improvements will not be very accurate. EQ is also most often applied mono, meaning the same adjustments to both ears. The Audiodo processing algorithm applies separate adjustments to each ear individually, resulting in the most comprehensive sound enhancements available.