Our Technology

Creating the technology to personalize your sound to your hearing is complex, and it required decades of research to achieve perfection; however, Audiodo Personal Sound is easy for you to use. We are using algorithms that no one has ever used in this way before, enabling personal sound which has gained approval by musicians, artists, and producers as well as industry professionals.

By analyzing your unique hearing, we can create a personalized profile tailored for you, allowing us to compensate your music, giving you the best music experience yet. The software can be implemented in virtually any audio product.

How it Works

Our technology consists of three blocks; the first block is the calibration, allowing the user to quickly test one’s hearing sensitivity. The second block takes the calibration results and calculates a user profile determining how the music will be processed, which is the final block. The entire technology is integrated into our customer’s products. In the case of a headphone implementation, the calibration and calculation are located on a smartphone app, and the processing is done directly on the headphone Bluetooth chipset.

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