A New Dimension of Personal Sound

Personal sound

What is it?

Personal Sound is opening up a new world of audio solutions by optimizing sound for your unique hearing. With our patented technology, global headphone brands are giving each and every listener sound quality that has been perfected for them.

personal sound

The tech

How does it work?

Personal Sound is constantly developed to allow for new solutions and applications. The current technology departs from a simple hearing assessment. We test your left and right ear separately through the app, calculate where and how strong any adjustments should be, and apply only the necessary changes. Voila, you can now hear like you’ve never heard before.


Our Partners

“There’s a saying in high fidelity audio about ‘revealing sound’, meaning a speaker that has achieved such high levels of accuracy that a listener hears details in music they haven’t heard before. Collaborating with Audiodo is really exciting since it enhances the listening experience so much more – in a way, revealing how revealing our speakers can be.”

– Paul Barton, Founder and Chief Acoustic Designer at PSB Speakers

I’m impressed by Audiodo’s ability to handle multiple platforms and the support offered to be able to develop a state-of-the-art earbud. The team possess a very high level of expertise and I love how they always strive for perfection – with that said we are looking forward to our next project together.”

– Daniel Alm, CEO at Nocs Design

“Technical partners with top professional level are scarce. In Audiodo we have found a partner with top technical level of expertise in hearing personalization and top professional ability, as well as first-class cooperation efficiency and service attitude.”

Arvin Pi, Product Director at Tribit

”We are glad to have an innovative company like Audiodo as our partner. We are convinced Personal Sound is adding extra value to our products and improving our customers’ listening experiences. It’s also quick to install, simple to use, and the best solution we’ve seen in the market so far. I give Audiodo my highest recommendations – it’s a great company and great people to work with!”

– Pim Schoonenberg, Founder & Chairman of Fresh ’n Rebel

About Audiodo

We’re a group of innovators disrupting the standards of the audio electronics industry.

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