PSB M4U TWM True Wireless Micro Planar Earphones with Audiodo Personal Sound™ Now Available 

January 26, 2024

PSB Speakers, a distinguished name in high-fidelity audio, is thrilled to announce the availability of the M4U TWM, the first in-ears with personal sound in its line of premium headphones. This collaboration with Audiodo Personal Sound signifies a significant leap forward in expanding PSB’s offerings and solidifying its partnership with Audiodo. 


With this innovative Hybrid Planar dual-driver design, PSB leveraged Magneto-Static technology and Audiodo Personal Sound to redefine the mobile audio experience and tailor sound to the unique hearing profile of each listener. The M4U TWM is the third product in PSB’s line of award-winning headphones to feature Audiodo Personal Sound.  


Unlike conventional earbuds that assume generic hearing, Audiodo Personal Sound tests each ear separately through PSB’s dedicated headphone app. This meticulous process results in a precise understanding of the user’s unique hearing profile, ensuring an unparalleled audio experience that resonates personally. 


A standout feature of the M4U TWM is the incorporation of the latest Audiodo Personal Sound™ technology, showcasing a Volume Dependent Compensation feature. This groundbreaking innovation ensures that the earphones accurately match the timbral balance of the music at any chosen volume level, providing a dynamic and customized listening experience. 


Paul Barton, Founder and Owner of PSB Speakers, shared his excitement about the collaboration, stating, “Revealing the subtleties of sound is an art in high-fidelity audio, where a speaker’s accuracy reaches new heights. This partnership with Audiodo™ is truly thrilling as it elevates the listening experience, uncovering nuances in music like never before—a testament to the revealing nature of our headphones.” 


Amir Sheikh, CEO of Audiodo, expressed the significance of personal sound in both personalizing and enhancing the audio experience. “As a cutting-edge technology company, Audiodo firmly believes in the paramount significance of personal sound. Our conviction extends beyond merely personalizing and enhancing the sound experience; we view personal sound as a pivotal tool in safeguarding listeners’ hearing and promoting crystal-clear auditory perception.” 


The M4U TWM is now available for purchase on the PSB Speakers website at €229.00 


About PSB Speakers: 

PSB, which stands for Paul and Sue Barton, was founded by Paul Barton who is also the Chief Designer to this day. Located in Pickering, Ontario, Canada, the company has been designing and engineering loudspeakers under the registered name since 1972. Today, PSB is a well-known and respected leader in the consumer electronics industry for audio, creating a broad range of high performance, high-value loudspeakers for music and home cinema applications. Learn more at 

About Audiodo™ 


Based in Malmö, Sweden, Audiodo™ leverages over three decades of expertise in acoustical algorithms to pioneer cutting-edge audio personalization technologies for consumer electronics. Crafted by passionate music enthusiasts, Audiodo Personal Sound™ harnesses the capabilities of digital signal processing to deliver tailor-made sound quality, ensuring every music lover an unparalleled audio quality that has been perfected for them.
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