Portfolio expands with new Clam Elite headphones

Clam Elite headphones
May 3, 2021

Malmö, Sweden — Audiodo announces today the newest product to feature their Personal Sound technology in partnership with Dutch brand Fresh ‘n Rebel. Fresh ‘n Rebel’s new Clam Elite are the first for the Rotterdam based brand to feature Audiodo Personal Sound. For Audiodo, they mark the fourth product and third over-ear headphones to include the company’s patented Personal Sound technology.

“We are very excited about our partnership with Audiodo and are thrilled to bring our customers the possibility to experience music that’s been customized to fit just them, said Jeroen Biemond, Director of Product Development at Fresh ‘n Rebel. “Our brand is all about breaking the mold and we feel that it’s the right time to create new norms in the audio industry. We want everyone to enjoy the best sound possible.”

In conjunction with the Clam Elite, Fresh ‘n Rebel will also be launching a mobile app with the help of Audiodo — the first ever for Fresh ‘n Rebel. The Audiodo Personal Sound feature can be set up through the Fresh ‘n Rebel: Personal Sound app and begins with users completing a simple hearing assessment. Audiodo technology then determines the necessary adjustments to apply and enhances the audio output from the Clam Elite to be optimized for the user’s unique hearing.

“It makes our team very happy and proud to see a new headphone equipped with Personal Sound to come to fruition. It means that thousands of new users will now get the chance to experience their headphones with a clarity and richness unlike ever before. For us, there’s no better feeling than knowing that we’re helping brands build products that will really excite their customers, says John Philipsson, Co-founder at Audiodo.

The Clam Elite are available for purchase at freshnrebel.com and select retailers and e-tailers across Europe.


About Audiodo

Headquartered in Malmö, Sweden, Audiodo has used over 30 years of experience with acoustical algorithms to design the most advanced audio personalization technologies currently available in consumer electronics. Developed by innovators with a passion for music, Audiodo Personal Sound utilizes the power of digital signal processing to provide every music lover with sound quality that has been perfected for them.

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About Fresh ‘n Rebel

Fresh ‘n Rebel creates mobile must-haves that people want to be seen with and really complement someone’s style. The brand was born in Rotterdam and is still based in this creative and raw soul of the Netherlands. Their urban designs are made for those who dare to go for the unknown and want to surround themselves with good qualityand the finest details. Besides the CODE ANC, Fresh ‘n Rebel also offers over-, on-and in-ear headphones, waterproof Bluetooth speakers, powerbanks and cables.

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