Audiodo: The blaring audio tech scale-up that’s turning down the volume

October 19, 2022

Since its founding in 2015, Audiodo has been animated by the mission of helping people suffering from diminished hearing to once again fully enjoy their favorite music. Audiodo’s dedicated efforts resulted in an unparalleled music experience for all. The Audiodo Personal Sound™ technology was subsequently launched worldwide and can now be found in leading consumer True Wireless Stereo (TWS) earbuds and headphones. 


Hearing is individual. Until now, however, technology hasn’t existed that adjusts your listening experience to meet your personal hearing profile. Audiodo addresses this issue by offering a fast yet technologically advanced hearing test – conveniently in your smartphone. The results are then available to activate in your headphones so that you always carry your personal sound with you. This technology is widely seen as the biggest leap in personal listening since noise-canceling was introduced. In fact, Audiodo Personal Sound™ paves the way for a more sustainable listening experience by eliminating the need for compensating for diminished hearing by increasing the volume.


Audiodo’s journey began in 2015 when Jan Weber, Roger Martinsson and John Philipsson – all of whom conducted extensive research in acoustical algorithms – recognized a technological gap in the audio tech market. With the launch of Audiodo Personal Sound™, it was apparent that the company was ahead of its time. The technology even amplified the listening experience for people not suffering from hearing loss or impairment. These developments attracted interest and early investment by the producer and songwriter team Carl Falk and Savan Kotecha. Together, they have written and produced hits such as “Starships” for Nicki Minaj, and “One Last Time” for Ariana Grande.


“Headphones create ideal hearing conditions around the ear. Our technology creates the same conditions inside the ear. Audiodo Personal Sound™ gives people an unparalleled listening experience and mitigates further hearing loss. For those of us with average hearing, it might come as a surprise that we all hear differently. That’s why we’re passionate about offering perfect sound quality – and protecting people’s precious hearing,” says Amir Sheikh, CEO of Audiodo.


In 2022, Audiodo opened sales offices across key markets, such as China, Japan and South Korea. Audiodo technology can now be found in several brands, including Skullcandy, PSB Speakers, Nocs, Fresh ’n’ Rebel and Tribit. The company has also aggressively recruited valuable R&D talent. Although Audiodo’s technology is unique, the company is avidly exploring new applications and business models.


Audiodo has to date raised SEK 100 million, and is currently gearing up for a new fundraising round at year-end. Audiodo is owned by the founders and a select group of private investors.


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