Audiodo Personal Sound™ and NUARL Forge Partnership to Revolutionize Personalized Sound Experience

May 6, 2024

Audiodo™, a pioneer in advanced audio personalization technology, is thrilled to announce a groundbreaking partnership with NUARL, the original brand of M.T.I Corporation based in Tokyo, Japan. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in the quest to redefine the way users experience sound. 


Recognizing the importance of personalized sound experiences, NUARL incorporated the concept of “Sound Personalization” into their products last year with the introduction of the “Overture” wired earphones. Now, with Audiodo™’s cutting-edge technology, NUARL aims to further enhance this concept and bring unparalleled audio quality to users worldwide. 


Audiodo™, headquartered in Malmö, Sweden, boasts over 30 years of expertise in advanced acoustic algorithms. Their flagship product, Audiodo Personal Sound™, leverages digital signal processing to deliver tailor-made sound quality tailored to each user’s unique profile. This partnership signifies a shared commitment to innovation and excellence in the field of audio technology. 


As part of this collaboration, Audiodo Personal Sound™ technology will be integrated into NUARL’s upcoming fully wireless earphones, codenamed “X878.” These earphones will feature a hybrid driver system comprising MEMS and dynamic drivers, along with dual DAC bi-amp drive, ensuring an immersive and personalized listening experience for users. 


“We are thrilled to partner with NUARL to bring our cutting-edge audio personalization technology to even more users,” said Michel Roig, Chief Sales Officer at Audiodo™. “Together, we are poised to revolutionize the way people experience sound, offering unparalleled customization and quality.” 


About Audiodo™   

Based in Malmö, Sweden, Audiodo™ leverages over three decades of expertise in acoustical algorithms to pioneer cutting-edge audio personalization technologies for consumer electronics. Crafted by passionate music enthusiasts, Audiodo Personal Sound™ harnesses the capabilities of digital signal processing to deliver tailor-made sound quality, ensuring every music lover an unparalleled audio quality that has been perfected for them. 
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About NUARL 

NATURAL & NEUTRAL. It means natural comfort and neutral presence. This is a brand born in Japan that aims to create mobile products that seamlessly blend into everyday life. With a focus on materials, shapes, and technology, NUARL emphasizes functional beauty derived from various elements without overdesigning, creating a calm aesthetic that complements the time accompanied by the products. NUARL’s products are developed in Japan, and their design is outsourced to industrial designers within the country, ensuring a harmonious balance in all aspects.
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Michel Roig 

Chief Sales Officer 

Audiodo Personal Sound™