Create sound for your ears only with the brand-new Twins Elite True Wireless earbuds from Fresh ‘n Rebel 

April 27, 2023

Rotterdam, March 2023 – The Rotterdam (Netherlands) based mobile must-haves brand Fresh ’n Rebel is launching the flagship model in their True Wireless earbuds range: Twins Elite. The Twins Elite have everything you need and more. Personalise sound to your specific hearing with Personal Sound by Audiodo™ and enjoy your music like never before with Adaptive Hybrid ANC. Make crystal-clear phone calls, connect 2 devices to your earbuds at the same time and enjoy 9 hours playtime per single charge. The Twins Elite are available in 4 bold and on-trend colours to express yourself and mix and match with your outfit.   


For your ears only 

We all have a different and unique hearing. One might hear the high frequencies better, while others might hear more of the low tones. This means that many people miss out on their music, without even knowing. The Twins Elite, with Personal Sound feature by the Swedish Audiodo, embrace your unique hearing and create your personal sound – for your ears only.  


How does it work? The Twins Elite come with the Fresh ‘n Rebel – Personal Sound app that tests your hearing at all frequencies and tunes sound specifically to the outcome. After creating your sound profile in which frequencies are boosted or reduced, you can use the intuitive equaliser in the app to perfect the sound to your liking. Simply turn on Personal Sound and hear what you’ve been missing all along.   


And there’s more.. 

With Adaptive Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) you will experience a combination of ‘feedforward’ and ‘feedback’ ANC. The ‘adaptive’ feature will automatically select the most suitable noise cancelling level depending on your environment. This results in a silent and private listening experience.  


Both earbuds of the Twins Elite have 3 microphones; 2 for Active Noise Cancelling and 1 to enable Environmental Noise Cancelling (ENC). The beamforming ENC microphones reduce surrounding sounds and focus on the sound of your voice, to deliver noise-free sound to the person you’re calling.  


With the multipoint Bluetooth feature you can connect 2 devices (e.g. your phone and your laptop) to your Twins Elite at the same time. The clickable buttons ensure responsive and comfortable control. With 29 hours of total playtime and 9 hours per single charge, you’ll never have to worry about charging the earbuds. And after charging the earbuds for just 15 minutes, they guarantee 4 hours playtime.  


The Twins Elite come with 3 sizes of soft silicone eartips to fit your ear perfectly. They are IPX4 splash waterproof and support wireless charging. The earbuds are available in the most sophisticated colours Storm Grey, Silky Sand, Dive Blue and Deep Mauve.  


The Twins Elite in short 

  • Adaptive Hybrid ANC 
  • Personal Sound (by Audiodo™) 
  • Personal Sound app with hearing test and equaliser 
  • Beamforming ENC microphones 
  • Clickable button control 
  • Multipoint Bluetooth connection 
  • Ambient Sound Mode 
  • In-ear detection (auto pause) 
  • 29 hours total playtime 
  • 9 hours playtime per single charge 
  • 15 min quick charge = 4 hours playtime 
  • Wireless charging 
  • IPX4 splash waterproof 
  • Voice assistant support 


About Fresh ’n Rebel 

Fresh ‘n Rebel creates mobile must-haves that people want to be seen with and really complement someone’s style. They believe that choosing different by being bold is what makes you, you. 


They support you in being authentic and expressing yourself in your own way, because they realise that individuality is a rare thing. Fresh ‘n Rebel motivates you to get out of your comfort zone, open up to new experiences and feel empowered to choose differently. They dare everybody to go for bold over boring, by finding and embracing your inner rebel.  


Every day they strive to create mobile must-haves that can reflect your unique personality and style. Fresh ‘n Rebel offers over-, on- and in-ear headphones, True Wireless earbuds, waterproof Bluetooth speakers, (wireless) chargers, powerbanks and matching cables.